CoffeeBabe Bombastic Babe Pack

66,99 €

CoffeeBabe – Bombastic Babe Pack

Wow!! You not only grab a full 15% discount compared to the single package, but will additionally benefit from free shipping. You are a real CoffeeBabe !!You drink at least 2-3 cups CoffeeBabe daily and are so sprinting towards your dream figure or you already have the perfect figure and keep it easily. That must be rewarded … In this case, with a generous 15% discount compared to a single pack CoffeeBabe. As you already know CoffeeBabe remains fresh for at least 12 months when it is unopend, but you won’t certainly wait that long with your consumption.

* the Bombastic Babe Pack does not include a mug


heart_coffeebabe Boosts metabolism
heart_coffeebabe Helps you to be focused
heart_coffeebabe Revives you throughout the day
heart_coffeebabe Gives you a new body feeling

Ingredients: Premium Bio Arabica Coffee, Bio Yerba Mate, Bio red Rooibostea, Bio Garcinia Cambogia, Bio Premium Matcha.


You can prepare me in various way. I will always taste delicious. For the most aromatic flavor and an authentic feel, I however recommend a classic French press. Let me (1 tablespoon per cup) brew for 3-5 minutes.


Made with heart_coffeebabe by Emma.