CoffeeBabe Double

37,99 €

CoffeeBabe – Double Pack

Most Babes choose this option! You do not only safe money with an immediate discount of 5%, but also order a reasonable stock of CoffeeBabe boost your metabolism. CoffeeBabe remains fresh for at least 12 months unopened, so there are no problems with your 2nd package waiting for you till you have finished the first.


heart_coffeebabe Boosts metabolism
heart_coffeebabe Helps you to be focused
heart_coffeebabe Revives you throughout the day
heart_coffeebabe Gives you a new body feeling

Ingredients: Premium Bio Arabica Coffee, Bio Yerba Mate, Bio red Rooibostea, Bio Garcinia Cambogia, Bio Premium Matcha.


You can prepare me in various way. I will always taste delicious. For the most aromatic flavor and an authentic feel, I however recommend a classic French press. Let me (1 tablespoon per cup) brew for 3-5 minutes.


Made with heart_coffeebabe by Emma.